Tuesday, April 17, 2007

*hrm* Now for some WoW pictures

Now I present you the greatest thing that has ever happened while I was playing WoW. My right hand man Selystra a.k.a MilkmanDan (who's 10 levels above me) and I (Shakingkitty) decided to go to Rachet for no apparent reason. While we were there we saw an inactive level 70 Alliance dude. In the joy of the moment we both agreed to kill it (PvP) while the user was away pissing or something.

Unfortunately it wasn't as easy we hoped. This little bastard had some epic gear that damages you every time you strike him. So we had to do it the long boring way, using our guns.

After almost 40 minutes of utter madness...and after 300 bullets....

Recently Selystra found my dead corpse in some spooky forest. No comment.
WoW cybering.

Virginia Tech Shootings

Over thirty people compromised of teachers and students were killed in a shooting at Virginia Tech. This is undoubtedly the worst school shooting in US history.

As my mind wanders while in Language Arts, I think about the increase of school shootings and how I would react if one was present here. Hopefully this will never happen but just in case, I'm looking for some body armor on eBay.

It's pretty pitiful that some people would even exploit this tragic event for their own agenda.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My First Viewer


I play WoW

Me and 7 million other people play WoW aka World of Warcraft. I decided to jump in the stupid bandwagon only to find it tedious, heartbreaking, and drastically manipulated my moral compass of what's good in this forsaken world.

Starting just a month ago, unknowing of what awaits, unaware that WoW runs like shit on my Vista (Which I immediately ignored due to the awesomeness of my translucent windows and fucken radical 3D FLIP FEATURES!) unaware of the shame that the game would give me...I created a character.

"THIS GAME SUCKS" I type vigorously over guild chat (My precious guild "Symphony of the Night") as I'm killing the umpteenth boar. In frustration I threaten my guild members with quiting WoW, but of course...the gripping squeeze of this demon...had a choke hold on me. Maybe it was the awesome loot you can find, maybe it was the awesome blood elves~~..oh man those blood elves...oh man. And so here I am...level fucking 21 going to level 22. Now because I have to go to school and such I've been able to ignore WoW's stupid gay grip on me, but I know...sooner or later...I'll play....